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PACT Meetings have been shut down quite possibly indefinitely however, now that I am free and have a voice and it is legal for me to speak again you haven't heard the last of me yet.   

P.A.C.T. is a program in Shasta County, located in Redding CA for ex-inmates that have been in the prison system that are released.  P.A.C.T. or Parolee And Community Team, was developed to help inmates return to society.  There are several organizations there to help you out, including places to live, places to get you back on your feet, free or discount clothing, services to help you transition back into society and more.  This site will be a list of resources to help transition inmates both men and women so they can succeed and not return to prison.  
Pictured above left is one of the wonderful guards that took care of us in Shasta County Jail.  To the left is just some of my art I did while in jail on envelopes.  Above is myself pictured, Dale Lee Gordon in the book by Robert Scott "Kill or be Killed."  My crime was a major one and despite many problems including total insanity GOD has been blessing me in all areas of my life.  
These pictures are not to exalt me but to show what GOD can do to someone who is willing to change and put away the past hatred and realize I was the one in the wrong and the law enforcement  stopped me to save me as I was in an extremely destructive mode.  GOD has cleaned me up, and brought me back to reality....  and now my life is restoring to a new glory in the LORD Jesus Christ...



K-Love radio called me up about two weeks ago and asked me if I had a prayer request.  I said, "I run a small minstry and I would like to get the word of God out to people."  The very next day God started teaching me Search Engine Optimization secrets that they do not even teach in the best books I have purchased!  I also learned February 28th, 2010 that this ministry is sealed with God's annointing and love.  Now I just have to find all my errors and fix them.  

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Book "Kill or be Killed"
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Jail Art 1998 Shasta County.
Book "Kill or Be Killed," by Robert Scott.  
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serving him alone...
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!
There are three problems I have noticed among inmates.  One is un-forgiveness: (Especially toward police and DA's, judges, police and jail and prison guards.  These people are my best friends.  I needed prison and it gave me plenty of time to reflect on my character and get right with God and man.  I needed time to read the Bible.)  The next problem I see is lying and having as Jesus stated "the beam in thine own eye," always looking for someone else with worse sins.  The other problem is not being responsible for our own actions.  The judge didn't try and kill someone yet I tried.  I have to take my sentence however long and painful and forgive those that did what was right in the first place.  I realize I have to love Todd Jessie Garton, because he enabled me by putting me in a place where all there was, was time to get right with God.  I have to love Pastor Brock Dale Bernstein for stealing all my money after prison.  Yes Satan has come against me and by Pastor Brock Dale Bernstein stealing all my money I have shown what a good steward I am with very little.  Pastor Brock Dale Bernstein obviously needed my money a lot more than I did.  I forgive him and Todd Jessie Garton and love them for what they did to me.  What they did for evil turned out for good in God's plans.  God works things out for those that truly love him.  I think we all need to take out less time for hating and more time for loving and the world would be a better place.  Besides in the end it is love in God and love for fellow man that will get us to heaven.  I advise you if you don't already have a Bible get one and begin reading it and God will bless you as he has blessed me.  So what I lost a lot over the years God will give me the increase soon enough and God will have taken away my shame and my complaint.  God is love and he loves you!  Be like him and be that love also.  Amen...

Dialog with a friend, proving myself as the guilty sinner.  

Thank you for the wonderful email. Times are getting very bad. Southern California votes in these ultra-liberal governors, senate, and congress members. They all hate God and they are making even harder on Christians. Be of good cheer though because it means the end is coming soon! I'm really not ready to be shipped off to a FEMA camp. If I am martyred that is one thing but to be tortured that would be hard.  

You know ***** I believe the road to heaven is narrow just as Jesus stated. So many people are into this Jesus thing for themselves, for power, self promotion and money. The time is right to be serving God with all our hearts. I think your ministry is good because you focus on God. I mean yes I was wife hunting for the longest time, but I think God wants us to serve him first. Also I want you to know I quit pornography many many years ago and I have never looked back. That site supernaturally, accidentally got erased. It had no solutions and offered no way out. I was serving two masters which was totally out of line. In dreams I was going to hell and I saw it as plain as day. I don't even have a desire for it anymore. It was God's fear that he allowed Satan to nearly kill me in a dream that forced in one of the worst nightmares of my life.  

There were other things going on too. It was like through all the insanity Satan used it to attack me. I was weak and though things were all my fault and I own up to those mistakes now. I should have realized Brock was a liar and would never pay me back except with evil. So many things in my life I was the guilty one. Owning up to my mistakes was hard and humbling. I am even attempting to forgive the evil ones in my life. When I should have turned right I turned down the devil's path and I later paid for it. All in all though God kept me a virgin for the last twenty years which I am very proud of: I know I lusted with my eyes which was in a way as Jesus described was just as wicked or perhaps even more wicked. I believe demons were invading my life and the biggest point of attack was through the pornography. I have repented and given my heart more to the LORD. I am still dealing with anger issues and an unholy tongue, and other areas I sin, but I try not to mock God anymore. I just can't keep blaming others for my mistakes. Sally was a huge error, and I should have put my foot down as I finally did and gotten away from her. Sadly enough this last summer the sin repeated as I let a single mother become my friend. She stole many things from me and it was my fault for not listening to good instinct. I know I have to forgive others like Kathy for destroying my car. I have to learn I can't help everyone especially those who don't respect help. Many people throughout my life gobbled me up and spit me out. There were so many mistakes on my behalf over the years. Sadly I lost a lot of very valuable time and money over this last 11 years. In prison I dealt with some very hard issues and I handled them with wisdom in order to not lose my soul. I believe I got complacent and lost my way after prison. In prison I faced many hard temptations but I passed that test. I know insanity didn't help and I didn't ask for it but I have to take God out of the judgment seat. What I did 20 years ago was wrong on a massive scale and I deserved all the years of hard bondage in prison. I reaped all the problems from the wicked seeds I sowed and it was all based on a fear of man and too much foolishness. Even the Bible described my foolish characteristic in Psalm 14:1 and 53:1. I was the fool who said "no God!" What I did, all my sins, were wicked as hell and I deserved eternal damnation in hell. It was my prayer that saved me even as an atheist in the midst of a wicked wicked crime that saved me. God heard my cry even as an unspoken prayer was in my head in a very bad night in Portland Oregon. God heard my cry as I spoke to him under the stars in my last night of freedom.  

God loves me and has given me HIS grace because there was no way I could earn it. It is God's love, and because of that love, God rescued me from hell. I deserve hell. In fact I don't deserve any goodness at all from God. I was a very wicked man and I even deserve the demonic possession I still live with even to this day. I look around in this house. It has problems, but there is food piled up all around because of God's blessings at the food banks. I have every Bible I need including the Bible DVD I just got in the mail today. I have time and I have money. It is not a lot after the tithes I pay to both Shamah's orphans and my web ministry. I am still waiting for the later rain but I know I am already blessed but I also believe the LORD wants to bless me more.

I stopped self condemnation especially after I realized that God does in fact forgive sins and that while he wants me to be a better steward next time, he is not mad at me. Its almost as if God forgot my sins as far as the east is from the west. I am realizing though I still have faults and they are bad that I am in fact a Christian. God is not condemning me. God forgave me. What I have to realize is that insanity, poverty, and the basest living is a blessing from God and not a curse. God truly loves me and has loved me through the storms of life. Amen.

I am thinking of putting this email on one of my websites. I can remove your name if you want, but I think I should use this as an example on how to experience a loving relationship with our Creator. In addition to this I want to pray for the salvation of all my enemies that they will experience a working relationship with Jesus as I believe I am doing now. Amen.  

Your friend,


Response from friend:

God often humbles us to get our attention and it worked with you. Praise God for that! And He'll keep you humble too as a way to keep down the sinning. God wants sin out of our lives and I see it all over the Bible but I often find that the average Christians have no clue what sin is. They know murder is sin but don't know lying is and fornication. I try to point everyone to the Bible as the ultimate source for the Christian. And thank God that He saves us even though we are sinners. Praise God for the victories over sin that you have had!