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Criminals Turned Christian

P.A.C.T. is a group of people that volunteer time and money to help an inmate return from society.  As an inmate I heard all the horror stories but let me tell you you can recover and return to society.  I personally have not had a drink since June 1998.  
Though I have had my share of problems I have had plenty of support.  GOD was there a part of my life working in the back ground saving me from my own folly.  I write this site to encourage you letting you know you can succeed but recovery starts out with a strong foundation in LORD Jesus Chirst.  
Many of the organizations that will be listed on this site are all about helping you and blessing you to get you back on your feet.  When I went through P.A.C.T. myself early 2007 I took it very seriously.  Now I am a web master proclaiming the name of LORD Jesus Christ have become a leader in different church ministries.  
My personal web site is at www.bible-heaven.com  which is a full on evangelistic web site.  (Note: As of September 6, 2009 I did a major facelift on my home page as well as improved the function of my sites.)  At Bible-Heaven  I have included my own free books, poetry, art and more with several sections designed to help various different groups from all walks of life.  The old Bible Heaven has been changed since when everything was free no one made downloads.  This site includes Stop the Violence Now a site directed toward school kids.  My attorney and a prison doctor scoffed and sharply rebuked me when i told them what I wanted to do years ago while incarsurated.  I have a personal motto:  "The difficult can be done, the impossible takes a little longer."  I have personally created all these sites, even while challenged with mental illness, as well as being conned by con artists, and facing difficult times financially.  
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Dale's Prison Art- Vacaville
Dale's Jail Art- Shasta Co.
The Road to Recovery- a long process.

We learn a lot in life and you might think you know it all, but truth is life is a continous learning lesson.  We often fail many times on the road to success and to recovery.  I am guilty of a lot of things the biggest is losing site of Jesus for a long time.  Like Peter who shouted, "LORD save Me," it is easy to get lost along the way.  I am still a work in progress, but GOD is working with me now as I backed out of my life God now has room to work in and around me to help me out.

Getting out of Prison-  stay clean.

I have 12 (19 years as of 2016.) years of straight sobriety and I don't even miss drinking.  I never used a drug of any kind not ever nicotine.  You don't need worldly vises and what I found is when you get rid of past addictions God opens new doors.  Hang in there and things will work out.